alkyd on enameled steel, 8’X 30’
Data Center, Utah State Capitol

A mural for the Data Processing Center, Utah State Capitol, offered a challenge to explore the worlds of the computer from macro to micro and to use the computer in its development. With the World as subject matter I began to think of the work as a series of windows opening to it. The concept proved important for the viewer too as staff and visitors pass by within arms’ reach and experience the work as a sequence of events. Illusions change depending on one’s viewing distance. Programming in the “C” language was necessary to develop aspects of it for the best resolution using a vector plotter and transfer photographically to printing screens. A durable enamel finish was applied to enameled steel plates.

This was the first project of the Utah Arts Council’s % for Arts Program and a “first” nationally for using the computer in major public art. Exhibition at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C. brought a nomination for a Computer World Smithsonian Award. It inspired new areas of exploration for my art and the desire to give greater emphasis to the diversity of my experience.